Joanna Dobinson

Joanna has 25 years of riding experience. She represented Natal and South Africa as a Junior woman. She retired as a racing snake and has spent the last 13 years getting so many people into mountain biking, a few of whom have gone on to represent South Africa themselves, or soon will be! She is a brand ambassador for Specialized Bicycles Africa. Her passion, patience and love for people and the sport translate into a unique and motivating experience on the bike!

Joanna has trained some of the best riders in the world and loves sharing her skills and knowledge with others. She also trains everyone from kids, teens, complete beginners to advanced men and ladies.

Joanna believes in getting rid of the fear to make mountain biking a fun experience for any rider. Come gain confidence, improve your skills and have a whole lot of fun with her at Biking In the Bosch!

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