Skills Clinics

Skills clinics for men and women.

Learn how to get the most out of your bike and the trail.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, with Biking in the Bosch, you’ll learn everything from single track flow and cornering. Joanna offers a variety of technical mountain biking skills for men or women, teens and kids.

Jo’s mantra is “Fear out, fun in!” and focuses on training her clients to forget their fears and enjoy the fun of mountain biking! You can sign up as an individual or as a group. Special rates apply for youngsters wanting to increase their skill level.

Beginner One

Basic single track flow and cornering. You are a complete newbie to mountain biking! Please don’t wear cleated shoes rather wear tekkies and fit flat pedals, so you can concentrate on the skills training

Beginner Two

Switch backs. You need help with switch back riding! Learn how to ride switch backs with ease!

Intermediate One

Rocks and Roots. You know how to flow down single track and are a competing rider, now take your riding to the next level! Learn how to mount and dismount pavements, how to track stand, how to ride steep rooty inclines and how to negotiate your way through rock gardens.

Intermediate Two

Jump and Stumps. You love speed and can flow down technical single track, now come learn how to ride small jumps on the trail!

Kids - 8 to 12

Specialist skills training for your youngster. Book a One on One session for one hour. Or arrange a group session for 3-8 kids, price on request.


Specialist skills training for your teenager. Get your teen skilled-up and cross-country ready. Book a One on One session for 1.5 hours.

Corporate Clinics

Contact us for Corporate Clinics. We will organise an amazing morning or afternoon out for you, your staff and your clients. Ideal for fun, team building and getting to know each other better.


Week Days 9am-11am & 3pm-5pm
Earlier or later times can be arranged, please contact us, and we’ll work something out.


One on One – R1200 for 2,5 hours
(10% discount for four sessions in four consecutive weeks)
Two on One – R880 per person for 2 hours
Groups (3-8 riders) – R590 per person for 3 hours
Kids One on One – R450 for 1 hour, please enquire for groups of 3 – 8.
Teens One on One – R880 for 1.5 hours

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