Joanna Dobinson, has twenty years of riding experience. She represented Natal and South Africa as a Junior women. She retired as a racing snake and has spent the last 11 years getting ladies into mountain biking, a couple whom have gone on to represent South Africa themselves, or soon will be! She is a brand ambassador for Specialized Women. Her passion, patience and love for people and the sport translate into a unique and motivating experience on the bike! Come gain confidence, improve your skills and have a whole lot of fun with her at Biking In the Bosch!


Skills clinics for men and women.

Learn how to get the most out of your bike and the trail.

Saturdays 8am-11am & 2pm-5pm
Sundays 8am-11am
Weekdays can be arranged.


One on One – R1200 for 2,5 hours

Two on One – R880 per person for 2hours

Groups – R550 per person for 3hours
Groups consist of 3-6 riders

Beginner One

Basic single track flow and cornering. You are a complete newby to mountain biking! Please don’t wear cleated shoes rather wear tekkies and fit flat pedals, so you can concentrate on the skills training
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Beginner Two

Switch backs. You need help with switch back riding! Learn how to ride switch backs with ease!
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Intermediate One

Rocks and Roots. You know how to flow down single track and are a competing rider, now take your riding to the next level! Learn how to mount and dismount pavements, how to track stand, how to ride steep rooty inclines and how to negotiate your way through rock gardens.
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Intermediate Two

Jump and Stumps. You love speed and can flow down technical single track, now come learn how to ride small jumps on the trail!
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This camp consists of 2-3 days of riding the beautiful Tulbagh or Elgin Valleys.We camp for two nights, eat local cuisine and have a blast on our bikes! Price includes all meals, riding permits,camping fees and loads of surprises!
Cost – R2500 to R2900

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